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By Siron







Often called the best looking motorcycle ever built,
the Commander In Chief
has won numerous shows and is without challenge, the fans favorite.


Oh, and it's got a 470 cubic inch all-aluminum RHODES motor. This small block dynoed at 518 horsepower - more than a big block, but weighs 400 lbs. less.

Prior to assembly, the motor was meticulously polished and coated. It was then performance dyno-tuned for zero-to-100 acceleration.
Top Speed...unknown.

And there's more....

2-speed with Reverse Heavy Duty
Updated & Easier to Service Transmission
Front & Rear Brembo Brake Calipers with Free Floating Discs
New Rear Wheel Hub Assembly
1 1/4" Beach Bars
Large Capacity Cooling System
Inverted Front End
Electronic Speedometer
Shorty Dual Exhaust
9 Coil Springs
Chopper City 18" Wheel System including matching Rear Pulley, Brake Rotors & Sumitomo 245 Rear Tire
Exposed Oversized 3" Drive Belt & Pulley
K-40 Covert Front & Rear Radar Detector
K-40 Covert Laser Defuser Plus
120 Decible Air Horn & Pump (hidden)
210 on/180 off Radiator Fan Switch
Clear Turn Signal Lenses with Red LED Bulbs
Red, White, & Blue Neon Accent Lighting
Covert Crash Bar Radiator Overflow Reserve




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